About SkildLabs

SkildLabs is all about helping organizations create awesome learning experiences for their employees, clients and partners.

A new era of online learning!

With the rapid switch to virtual workspaces and community meeting places, we’ve watched organizations of all sizes struggle to appropriately and effectively marshal their online learning resources and present them in a comprehensive, easy-to-use format.

SkildLabs aims to solve that problem by providing consulting and implementation that lets organizations build their business using the power of education. Whether the goal is upskilling employees, creating a community around courses, or building a micro-academy to explain the intricacies of a product or service, SkildLabs will take your online learning objectives and ideas and turn them into reality, and the best part is we will be there every step of the way.

How does it work?

Assess. We have a brainstorming session about your ideas and the outcomes you want to achieve with your online learning experience. Then we proceed with storyboarding to identify the key message and content clusters we are going to address with the training.

Implement. We then help you:

  • Pick the right platform for your content and train your team to use it effectively.
  • Design the curriculum structure and course flow.
  • Support the production of content (video editing, slides, and stock video footage).
  • Handle all integrations and pipelines, such as emailing students or creating a community portal.

Measure. Finally, we stay with you to ensure the program is delivering what you anticipated and make tweaks to ensure your online learning experience is great!

Meet our founder

Always here to help and support our clients.