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Skildlabs’ illustration library was created to enhance the storyboarding experience in education, film and TV production. 

Hosted and available exclusively on Canva!

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What does the library include?

With over 180 assets, Skildlabs’ illustration library aims to help instructional designers, producers and educators communicate ideas efficiently and make storyboarding a visually expressive process.

All element follow the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format, where size and color can be cutomized directly in Canva without any loss in quality.


With a total of ten different actors, the library includes a variety of looks and identities.

Production Equipment

From different cameras and microphones, to light and apertures, our library is production ready.

Visual Aid

An array of elements ideal for presenting ideas or creating interactive activities.


Meet our diverse cast of actors. With a total of ten different actors, we made sure to include a variety of looks and identities to represent those who might usually be underrepresented.

In fact, to make them more easily recognizable and give them a flair of their own, these ten actors have their very own names and occupations!

Production Equipment

Our production equipment category was created to facilitate production directions in storyboards and make accurate planning for productions possible.

From cameras to microphones, to light and aperture specifications, we have a variety of elements at your disposal.

This category includes a variety of popular tools and brands used in real filming scenarios.

The realistic production equipment elements would allow your production team to properly plan, schedule, and budget for the potentially complicated and expensive learning experience or productions.

The library also includes specific assets to help represent filming directions such as fade-outs, pans and zooms or lighting setups.

With the help of these elements, there will no longer be a need to write every specific detail in a storyboard, since you can simply use an icon to express the direction in mind. 

Visual Aid

Our visual aid group consists of distinct icons and assets such as diagrams, buttons, lower third titles and graphs. These elements are ideal for presenting ideas in an orderly manner or creating interactive activities.

Visual aids can reinforce and clarify key points in your presentation.

Engaging both the eyes and the ears of your audience members improves both their understanding and their retention. As such, our library includes complex visual representations such as Venn diagrams, fractions and timelines. 

SkildLabs is a Certified Canva Creator and Champion, and our goal is to produce graphics and templates, which improve visual communication and allow people from any field to express their vision with ease.

The team at Skildlabs, has also produced a storyboarding template and an entire LinkedIn Learning course as additional educational resources. 

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