Teaching data visualization skills to improve employability


Alison, the free online education platform focused on workplace-based skills was looking to enrich their data analysis and visualization course portfolio, as their students were looking to upskill in that particular area of knowledge.

Additionally, the Alison team wanted to provide students with a course that was taught using real data sets and industry examples, so they could directly apply the knowledge when seeking employment.


An introductory 4-hour certificate program that shows students how to design compelling reports for clients, apply different analysis techniques, and experience real-world data sets. The entire course was taught through the medium of Google Data Studio, a data visualization tool.


The course has more than 700 students enrolled and has also received a CPD accreditation.

Formative Questions and Assessments

After completing a certain number of lectures, the students were tested with interactive question to improve content retention. The questions had multiple formats, including "True/False", "Hotspot", "Multiple Choice" and more.

Accreditation and Certificates

The course itself is free-of-charge and anyone could enroll and fully complete. However, the students have the option to purchase a certificate upon passing the final assessment. 

Project Info






04 Jul 2021

Alison's goal to provide free online education to all aligns perfectly with Lacho's impressive range of interactive courses. Alison and SkildLabs are eager to provide courses for everyone from absolute beginners to experienced students who want to brush up on their skills. Lacho is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to our continued efforts to educate and empower people.

Maeve Richardson

Maeve Richardson

Head of Self-Publishing, Alison