Enhancing ECG interpretation with microlearning


The ECG Test Bank, an online healthcare academy was looking for a better and more immersive way to teach electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation. The SkildLabs team was tasked to design a training program that would not only teach the audience about cardiology’s technical concepts but also answer the most clinically relevant questions for each of the ECG cases.   

The the training was aimed at medical professionals who want to prepare for their ECG interpretation exams or simply sharpen their cardiology skills.


A short-form video training that includes un-edited, real-life ECGs similar to what students might encounter during an exam. During the training, the learner is guided through a visual step-by-step explanation of how an ECG is to be interpreted.

The training uses a microlearning approach. Microlearning is a method of eLearning that delivers the material in condensed digestible chunks that make it easier to comprehend and absorb.

It’s the ideal way to fill knowledge gaps effectively.


The training involved drawing each ECG to scale and transforming it to an SVG file to ensure the training is realistic.

Case-Based Teaching Style

Each video/lesson focuses on a single medical case (eg. Sinus Arrhythmia, Sinus Bradycardia with first-degree AVB and etc.), which is broken down into the core steps in the ECG interpretation process. By doing so, the learner can understand each step in great detail.

Real-Life Scenarios

The examples in each video were sourced from un-edited, clinically relevant cases. Hence, the learner can experience a real-life interpretation, as opposed to a hypothetical scenario.

Project Info




ECG Test Bank


25 May 2021