Converging data and design with Canva


LinkedIn Learning was looking to add a series of learning experiences to their UX course library. They aimed to teach students about the intricacies of data and design in today’s remote-first world.


A series of screencast-focused courses that first present the challenge to the learner in the form of a business situation or real-world scenario and then provide practical exercises and templates as a “solution kit” that can be used right away on a real problem. The course used Canva as its main teaching medium.


The first course in the series called “Canva for UX Brainstorming and Collaboration” quickly gained popularity and received positive feedback from the LinkedIn community:

Interactive Teaching Materials

The entire course was taught through carefully designed Canva templates, exercises and games. As such, the learners were able to practice in real-time and get a hands-on experience about all concepts taught.

Platform and Skill Advocacy

The learners who completed the course(s) were able to post their certificates on LinkedIn, which helped both the awareness building around LinkedIn Learning, as well as the skill(s) taught.

Project Info




LinkedIn Learning


22 Oct 2021
Scott Fegette

"Working with SkildLabs has been an absolute pleasure! Lachezar's winning attitude, timeliness and professionalism is a perfect complement to his vast knowledge and skillset, and we're beyond pleased to feature his courses in the LinkedIn Learning library. Looking forward to more successful projects together in the future!"

Scott Fegette

Content Manager, LinkedIn