Transforming a book into an action-oriented course


The Founder/CEO of Mitch Gray Media had written a book called How to Hire and Keep Great People discussing the art of building fantastic teams and incredible company culture. He wanted to create a companion on-demand course to go along with the book and touch on important recruitment concepts. 


A 1-hour action-oriented course that touches on key industry pain points and addresses them through the author’s personal experiences and industry knowledge.

The SkildLabs team used a fusion of rapid prototyping and storyboarding for this project.


Writing a book is no small feat. As such, the curriculum that SkildLabs developed aimed to act as an extension for the book. Also, provide actionable questions and next steps after each course module.

Interactive Storyboarding

The storyboarding process was done entirely in Canva and the team at Mitch Gray Media had the chance to view all the creative assets, slides and provide feedback before the course enters production. This ensures that the prototype is as close as possible to the final product. 

Actionable Learning

Each module of the course answered specific industry pain points and provided formative questions at the very end, so the learners can directly use them in their organization. 

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Mitch Gray Media


15 Nov 2021

"My experience with SkildLabs has been nothing short of extraordinary! Your attention to detail, desire for truly listening to the needs of your client and passion for bringing a vision to life are second to none! It has been an honor to work with you and your team. I look forward to seeing your success unfold even more and to working with you again in the future!"

Mitch Gray

Mitch Gray

Founder and Author, Mitch Gray Media