Translating documentation into product awareness


Oribi had incredible product documentation that included valuable concepts in marketing analytics, such as attribution, event tracking, and UTMs. However, the documentation was predominantly text-based, and an alternative approach to present the content was needed.


A comprehensive project-based course that serves as an “Introduction to Modern Marketing Analytics” and teaches key techniques through Oribi’s powerful features and platform.

By combing practical screencast exercises, talking-head explanations, and additional resources, the course was focused on kick-starting the learners journey in marketing analytics. 

The course was also syndicated on one of the largest eLearning marketplaces to improve reach – Udemy for Business


Within a few months, the course had 2,500 enrollments. In addition, top companies began offering the course to their employees as part of their Udemy for Business subscription.

Active Learning

The curriculum was designed to teach marketing analytics through the Oribi platform. As a result, the learners could see the value of the product first-hand and follow the course along with a demo account.

Organic Awareness

The course guides and exercises were shared and further amplified by the learners, which provided additional SEO support for the Oribi ecosystem.

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20 Dec 2021

What is Oribi Analytics?

Oribi is a powerful marketing analytics tool. Still, it’s different from any big data tool you’ve probably used. The Oribi Analytics platform is a complete, end-to-end solution for website traffic and conversion optimization.

With Oribi, companies and marketers can increase conversions and eventually close more sales.