Supercharging the onboarding experience


StackAdapt, a self-serve programmatic adverting platform, identified a need to boost their internal technical training for Google Tag Manager (GTM) amongst new hires. The goal was to provide a seamless and effective onboarding experience for recently joined account managers and sales staff, so they can get up to speed with existing tagging processes/practices in a quick manner.


A custom curriculum taught by an experienced SME in the form of a 1-hour screencast course. Instead of covering general GTM content with hypothetical examples, the course focused on implementing the StackAdapt standalone and universal pixels. Plus, the most popular type of conversions, including form submission, video play, and eCommerce transactions. 


The course was designed to be part of a larger learning path related to holistic onboarding. 

Client Communication

The new hires have the opportunity to see a real implementation of the StackAdapt pixel and as such would be able to address their clients' pain points much more effectively. 

Technical Concepts

All employees would gain an improved understanding of marketing tags, how to implement them, and the mechanics behind the StackAdapt platform. In turn, accelerating campaign launches and optimization efforts.

Project Info






27 Sep 2021



Spencer King

VP of Client Services, StackAdapt