Turning product knowledge into profitable leads


Supermetrics was exploring different ways to raise awareness about their new data integrations and connectors, and was trying to reach a large audience. Furthermore, they wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of their product when combined with tools like Google Data Studio and Google BigQuery.


An on-demand interactive 1-hour course, which takes a beginner through the concept of marketing automation taught through the medium of Supermetrics. The course was then syndicated on the largest course marketplaces, Udemy for Business and Skillshare.


The course has more than 450 students enrolled and the following milestones were achieved:

Product Knowledge

Not only did the students receive product information about Supermetrics, but they also improved their understanding of automation and how connectors operate in general.

Incremental Revenue

Supermetrics was able to generate  incremental revenue from the students who completed the course and decided to test the product by applying a discount promo code.

Project Info






15 Apr 2021

Lachezar (SkildLabs) is one of our most valuable partners and an absolute pleasure to work with. He produced a highly engaging educational course for Supermetrics that combined both hands-on projects and an intro to why automation is important. I can’t wait to see the success of our future collaborations.

Victoria Galperina

Victoria Galperina

Head of Affiliate Marketing, Supermetrics