Teaching visual storytelling with interactive workshops


As the University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus) is developing the business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, the team at the Management Department wanted to create an interactive session to equip their students with the tools and expertise needed to become great visual communicators and storytellers.


A 1.5-Hours interactive workshop that teaches visual storytelling through carefully curated templates, games, and snackable exercises. Prior to the workshop, the students were sent instructions on how to create a Canva account and were also given the exercise files for the workshop.


The workshop was attended both by the staff and students at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. Since this initiative workshop, the format has been re-produced for LinkedIn LIVE and Facebook Classes.


After every set of exercises, the workshop paused for a Q&A, where the attendees had the chance to ask questions and review certain aspects of the exercises that were not clear to them. This allowed for a more intimate and collaborative teaching environment.

Interactive Exercise Files

As mentioned before, the exercise files were interactive and shared with the students as templates, so after the workshop, they can always practice and go over certain problems once more. 

Project Info




University of Toronto


09 Nov 2021